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Q. How do I find the grave of someone buried at Prospect Hill Cemetery?

A. Please e-mail [email protected] or call Jeff Morash, Cemetery Superintendent at (508) 228-7371 or Prospect Hill Cemetery at (508) 825-9955 give us as much information as you know about the deceased: full name; date of death; date of birth; any Regimental or Company information for military. We will check the records and get back with you shortly.

Q. Do you still bury people? Are burial lots still available?

A. Yes and yes. Prospect Hill Cemetery is a nonsectarian and not-for-profit cemetery association, open to all. We offer Columbarium, Burial Lots and Estates.

Q. Who do I contact to purchase a burial lot or a niche at the cremation garden?

A. You may contact Jeff Morash, Cemetery Superintendent at (508) 228-7371 or (508) 825-9955. Email at 
[email protected] .

Q. How old is the cemetery?

A. Prospect Hill Cemetery was founded in 1810. It is part of the Nantucket Historic District and includes the following sections: Mount Vernon, South Side, Prospect Hill, Edward B. Lewis Memorial and the Nantucket Jewish Cemetery Association.

Q. How do I contact the Nantucket Jewish Cemetery Association?

A. The Nantucket Jewish Cemetery Association email address is
 [email protected] or visit Nantucket Jewish Cemetery at Prospect Hill's website at http://nantucketjewishcemetery.org/index.php .

Q. Can I make a donation to Prospect Hill Cemetery?
A. Yes. The Prospect Hill Cemetery Association is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization.

Q. How can I purchase a copy of Tuck’t In: A Walking Tour of Historic Prospect Hill Cemetery, Nantucket, Massachusetts?

A. You may purchase our book from Prospect Hill Cemetery Association, Mitchell’s Book Corner, Nantucket Bookworks, Nantucket Historical Association Whaling Museum Gift Shop, Nantucket Maria Mitchell Association Gift Shop.
Sales from Tuck’t In help fund preservation, conservation, and restoration efforts at the historic cemetery.

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