Tuck't In: A Walking Tour of Historic Prospect Hill Cemetery Nantucket, MA by Paula Lundy Levy

Apr 27, 2012

We're thrilled to invite you to two events this week in the new Nantucket Room at MBC!
Dear Reader,

It's been a whirlwind of activity lo' these many weeks since we announced the joint management of Nantucket's two beloved bookstores, and we're happy to say it's time to invite you to see the results of our efforts at Mitchell's. A new counter up front and a beautiful new Nantucket room upstairs are the notable physical changes in the store, and a new computer system linking the stores is a technological breakthrough! We really think you're going to find more than twice as many reasons to frequent the bookstores as ever before.

Many many thanks go out to everyone who poured their efforts into the accelerated pace of the re-configuration: Burr Tupper & Jeff MacKinnon, Audrey Sterk, Ryder Electric, and our awesome bookselling staff all went above and beyond. Boundless thanks to Wendy Schmidt and ReMain for supporting the vision, and extra special thanks to Suzanne Bennett, Cristina Blank, Christie Cure, & Mary Saffell for burning the midnight oil to make the magic happen.*

We invite you to join us tonight, Monday April 23rd, for a little get-together in honor of World Book Night, a celebration launched last year in the UK and this year in the US to share and promote the love of reading. It not-so-coincidentally is held on Shakespeare's birthday, so we figured there could be no better time to show off the new space.

We also invite you to come down Friday evening for our first Author Event of the season, when Paula Lundy Levy will be on hand with her book Tuck't In: A Walking Tour of Prospect Hill Cemetery. (If you haven't seen it yet you're in for a treat. It's a coffee-table worthy treasure with full color throughout.)
Tuck't In

We will be ramping up our events in a big way, and invite your book club or group to talk to us about holding your gathering in the Nantucket Room. Over time we hope to see it used to its full potential and become a real community asset. More information will be available soon, or email either me or Sunny Daily, our events coordinator, with your ideas: [email protected].

Cheers and I hope to see you soon in one cozy bookshop or the other.

-Wendy H.

*Speaking of midnight, remind me to tell you sometime about the benevolent spirit in the Mitchell's basement who freaked me out but unearthed a magical little wooden sign. Totally true story!!!